Born in Syracuse, New York, Salmon made his mark in collegiate football in 1903, when (as a senior) he scored 105 points. His career record of 36 touchdowns remained a school standard until 1985.

Louis J. Salmon

[1] Moreover, in an era when a wet pigskin might weigh as much as 14 pounds, Salmon averaged 30 yards with his punts.[1] In 1903, Salmon was named to Walter Camp's third All-America team.
At six feet and three inches, and 230 pounds, Salmon was a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron.
[3] As one writer observed: "The alabaster-skinned Salmon has been described as both a slasher and a smasher, a colorful way of saying he would run right over you if he could not run around you".

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